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About Us


Started operation in 2017

Perfect pre-operation and strict construction inspection, complete record of construction process as a guarantee of quality.

Establish various standard operating procedures and do effective construction management. Regular education and training and experience sharing to maintain the professional strength of the construction team.

Use the multi-function schedule to control the progress of the project: Jointly control the elements that affect the progress such as construction, water and electricity, pipeline construction, procurement, construction plans, construction drawings, etc., and regularly review the implementation results to achieve on-time completion and delivery The goal is to ensure the rights and interests of owners and customers.


​Business Prospects

Chuangyi Engineering (Asia) Limited has always participated in the construction industry with high-quality management, and exerted its core expertise in building high-quality, technical projects. The scope of undertaking projects includes housing engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, government infrastructure engineering and so on.


Core Value

We can achieve high efficiency, high quality and high safety level in each engineering project.

Achieving "quality standardization, safety creation level".

The core value is "integrity" and never jerry-build.

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