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Chuangyi Engineering (Asia) Limited has always participated in the construction industry with high-quality management, and exerted its core expertise in building high-quality, technical projects.The scope of undertaking projects includes housing engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, government infrastructure engineering and so on.

We can achieve high efficiency, high quality and high safety level in each engineering project. Achieving "quality standardization, safety creation level".

​Safety No1

​Continuously Improve

​Promise and Quality Guarantee


Construction Business

- Pipeline installation works

- Foundation works

- Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

- Rail and mass transport facilities

- Maintenance and Engineering


Various types of
Welding works

- Subcritical pipeline installation

- High pressure pipeline installation

- Various types of pipeline installation 

- Various types of steel structure installation 


Welding Course

- Argon Arc Welding (TIG)

- Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

- Flux-cored arc welding (FCAW)


【Deciphering the whole process from student to becoming a welder】

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What adjective would you use to describe the job of a "welder"?

"I think it is careful. In every procedure and welding process, every step must be completed very carefully." Joe (CWE Welder)

We hope you can join! ✨

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(Last update time: April 07, 2022)

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