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Started operating as
a local self-funded company in 2017

CHUANGYI WELDING (CWE) ENGINEERING LIMITED started operating as a local self-funded company in 2017.
Our relevant engineering supervisors have rich experience and have been engaged in the welding and installation industry for more than 25 years.

Since opening, we have been committed to providing all kinds of metal steel pipeline installation, large and small ironware, welding, pipeline, stainless steel, and maintenance projects.

Among them, we also cooperate with various public and private organizations, including CLP Power Plant, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Water Supplies Department, Food Waste Center, Analogue Holdings Limited, Kum Shing (K F) Construction Company Limited, Wai Luen Development Limited...

In addition to completing the project safely, it has also gained the trust of customers. Recently, Chuangyi Welding has become the pipeline and installation and maintenance contractor of CLP Group, which has confirmed our professional welding and installation technology.


Business Outlook

-  Subcritical pipeline installation project

-  High-pressure pipeline installation project

-  Various pipeline installation projects

-  Various steel structure installation projects

-  Iron Works

-  Welding project

The company is actively expanding its development blueprint. In addition to exploring new businesses and cooperating with different public and private organizations, the company is also committed to providing practice studios to teach those who intend to enter the industry or who need more training, to learn and exercise welding skills.

We hope that the trainees can reach the level of world-class high-pressure welders, specialize in high-pressure pipeline design, installation, welding qualification, and maintenance services, and are committed to providing customers with the highest standards of professional services.


The Core Values

The core values ​​of Chuangyi Welding are "integrity" and "integrity" and never cut corners.
Chuangyi Welding can achieve high efficiency, high quality, and high safety level in every engineering project.
Reached "Quality Standardization, Safety Creation Level".



Sam Lee

I have been engaged in welding engineering for more than 25 years and have a wealth of welding experience. In recent years, I have encountered a situation of non-compliance. When the supply of workers in the industry exceeds demand, I am determined to open a studio in 2017 to undertake engineering projects and open training courses, hoping to improve The shortage of welding workers.

Maybe you don’t know? Where is the way out?

But whether it’s on the “front line” or “logistics maintenance”

The staff belongs to a professional group.

The types of work related to us include:

Electricity, water plants, food plants, incinerators, railways, etc...

Everyone can use things from direct to indirect,

All large-scale infrastructures also need our professional technology to support.

​Various Welding Certificates

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